September 2016 – President’s Message

By Carol Wong, President

Bouquets of roses to Barbara Gordon who substituted for Cynthia Chuang as the speaker for the August 16 membership meeting. Barbara was able to bring an impressive assortment from half of her 170 mini roses to explain how minis were developed, how to grow them, and use them in landscapes. She showed photos of her placing minis in front, polyanthas or floribundas behind them, then hybrid teas, tree roses, and then climbers at the very back to form a deep rose border. She brought handouts describing how to plant minis in lightweight plastic pots with orchid and potting mix, and generously let people select the cuttings she had brought to share. We were so grateful for her excellent program.

Speaking of propagating, Marie Hubbell has been growing cuttings from her amazingly various collection of epiphyllum, roses, succulents, orchids and other plants for our plant table. She transports, displays and sells them to increase our income. She does not count the cost of the pots, soil, and time it takes to grow these treasures from her garden. The white epiphyllum I brought from her had a couple of 8 inch blossoms with long white petals and golden yellow centers of pollen-covered stamens. Beautiful. Try purchasing some of her offerings. She in addition to gardening and judging as a Consulting Rosarian also teaches exercise in Redwood City! Like many of you, she is versatile.

Speakers at the NCNH Conference can expand your knowledge of gardening. Cost to hear the seminars and go to the rose show on Saturday October 1 is $75. Chemical safety, beneficial insects and the plants that attract them, and Polyanthas will be discussed. Dr. James Sproul will be talking about minis and mini floras. You will be able to see old heritage roses and the newest ones being grown in our area, and arrangements of all types as well as photographs, an education in itself.

Some decisions for Peninsula Rose Society must be made in the coming months. Our Board needs an infusion of ideas and enthusiasm to plan and carry out programs, trips, speakers and events for next year. If you would like to become more involved in PRS, please call me at 650-854-6434. We would love your involvement!

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