2021 Annual Rose Exhibit

This is a virtual event.   Participating Peninsula Rose Society members submitted their photos by June 6th.  Anyone (member or not) who wished to vote did so by July 14th.

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Single blooms or sprays  



People’s Choice Award Winners

Category 1:  Single blooms or sprays

First place

Queen of Sweden (Shrub) by Pam McGraw

Second place (seven entries tied)

The Impressionist (Climber) by Anastasia Morrison

Strike It Rich  (Grandiflora) by Jackie Copple

Lady of Shallot (David Austin, Shrub) by Stu Dalton

Golden Celebration (Shrub) by Marian Vanden Bosch

Paul Ecke, Jr (Shrub) by Carol Coop

Gemini (Hybrid Tea) by Stu Dalton

Betty Boop (Floribunda) by Jerry Yesavage

Category 2:  Gardens

First place

(left to right): Lady of Shalott, Princess Anne, L.D. Braithwaite, Graham Thomas, Mary Rose.On the fence: Chevy Chase. Purple flowers underneath the roses: Cineraria stellata.
by John Erskine

Second place

Mardi Gras (Floribunda) by Marian Vanden Bosch
Dressed to match the roses!

Category 3:  Arrangements

First place

Mister Lincoln (Hybrid Tea) by Karen Flores
Happy Memorial Day – Honoring those who served 

Second place

Double Delight (Hybrid Tea), Rock & Roll (Grandiflora), Fire ‘n’ Ice (Floribunda) with Philadelphus, Eucalyptus bark and Japanese Maple
by Tomoko Lee

Category 4:  Creative

First place (two entries tied)

Close-up of French Lace (Floribunda) by Karen Flores

Lyda Rose (Shrub) with bees by Pam McGraw
Bees LOVE this rose! 

Second place (two entries tied)

Moon and Pink by Jackie Copple

Lady Banksia lutea (Old Garden) by Karen Flores
Huge rose in her garden