2018 Rose Show – Arrangements

This event is a non-judged show.  All entries are listed in the order of division and class #.  

DIVISION I: Open to all Arrangers

Class 1: “Roses Make Us Happy” 
A Vertical Design

by Jim Crother
roses:  Altissimo


by Jim Crother
roses: Stretch Johnson


DIVISION ll: Traditional Arrangements – Open to All

Class 3: “Do More that Makes You Happy”
Line Arrangement Design

by Marian Vanden Bosch
roses:  Gold Medal, Peace


by Tomoko Lee
roses:  Rock and Roll


Class 4: “My O My, What a Wonderful Day!”
A Mass Arrangement Design

by Karen Flores
roses: French Lace, Cecile Bruner,
Souv de la Malmaison (climber), Iceberg


Class 5: “Plenty of Sunshine Going My Way”
Designer’s Choice

by Carol Wong
roses:  Gold Medal, Gemini,
Chris Evert, Sheila’s Perfume


DIVISION lll: Modern Arrangements Open to All

Class 6: “It’s The Truth, Its Factual, Everything is Satisfactural”
A Transparency Design

by Jim Crother
roses:  Gemini


by Weldon Wong
roses:  Gertrude Jekyll


Class 7: “Wonderful Feeling, Wonderful Day!”
Designer’s Choice

by Karen Flores
roses:  Brigadoon, Flutterbye


by Marian Vanden Bosch
roses:  Mardi Gras, Easy Does It


by Tomoko Lee
roses:  Lady Emma Hamilton


DIVISION lV: Oriental Manner Designs – Open to All

Class 9: “Happiness Blooms from Within”
(Grow Free, Wild & Colorful) 
Using a Low Container Showing Water

by Pam Schenk
roses:  Iceberg, Sexy Rexy, Joy


Class 10: “You are Your Own Rainbow (Let Your Light Shine)”
Using a Tall Container

by Karen Flores
roses:  Dick Clark


Miniature Rose Arrangements Open to All.
Arranger Grown, ten inches or less in any direction

Class 12 “Roses Make Us Smile” 
Traditional Design of Your Choice

by Carol Wong
roses:  Amber Queen, Mutabilis, Rainbows End


by Karen Flores
roses:  Yellow Bantam


by Pam Schenk
roses:  Marriotta


Dried Miniature Arrangements – Open to All

Class 13: “Roses Are Flowers in the Garden of Life” 
Designer’s Choice

by Carol Wong
roses: Soroptimists International,
Rainbow’s End, Amber Queen


by Karen Flores
roses: Hot Tamale


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