2023 brings The Peninsula Rose Society a very fun and exciting year ahead.

This year we welcome 3 new board members

Vice President, Janice Murphy

Recording Secretary, Katherine Nelson

Director, Carl Brannon

A huge thanks for joining the board and I look forward to working with all of you.

Here is a bit about me:

Judy Webster

I dropped in to a PRS membership meeting back in 2017 when Carol Wong was president.  Since I was a novice rose grower I had no idea, other than watering, what went into growing roses. With each meeting I found myself learning so much more about rose care along with making new “Rose Friends”.

The following year I took on a  Director position.  This is a great position for anyone wanting to contribute more but is not sure where to begin.

I then volunteered  as vice president, under President Stu Dalton, and arranged all the monthly speakers for our membership meetings. Then Patti Spezzaferro was elected President and I had the pleasure of working with her during the “pandemic period”.

Then, our long time Recording Secretary, (like 20+ years) Anne Quincy, mentioned she was ok with taking a break. So I volunteered to take on the Recording Secretary  role.  I loved it. Now I know why Anne did it for so long. 

Dog “Thor”

On a side note:  While being  the Recording Secretary, I volunteered with German Shepherd Rescue of Northern Californian.  The next thing I knew I became a “Foster Failure”.  I fostered, then adopted, a 9 week old German Shepherd puppy.  He immediately fit in and began pruning roses as you can see by the photo.  I know, doesn’t chewing rose canes hurt?  He will need to attend one of Stu’s pruning demonstrations.

So, here I am.  I have taken on the President position and I thank all of you for having the confidence in me to lead our society into  another great year.  We are one of the largest membership groups  in our district. I know all of you will continue to support our group and help me make the year ahead fun and successful. 

Coming up this month is a pruning demonstration at Hassett Ace Hardware in Redwood City.  Stu will conduct this class in the Hassett Garden Center.  This will be held on Sunday, the 29th of January.  More details of this event will be emailed to all of you. 

For those of you that also grow camellias, please mark your calendar for the SF Peninsula Camellia Society’s Flower Show and Sale. This will be held on the 25th and 26th of February.  The show is held at the same location as our rose show, in Redwood City, at 1400 Roosevelt Avenue.

In closing, I hope you are all doing well and are just as excited as I am for the Peninsula Rose Society’s year ahead.  Thank you.

Judy Webster