February 2024 – President’s Message

Dear Members of the PRS,

February 14 will be Valentine’s Day, which always makes me think of roses! Of course, most of us don’t have any flowers blooming during February! However, it is still the perfect time to practice making rose arrangements. Go to your local store and purchase a bunch of roses and create a lovely arrangement for yourself, or a friend or neighbor, for Valentine’s Day! It will bring a great deal of joy during the winter months to have fresh flowers, and it will improve your skills for our May Rose Show. Happy Valentine wishes to all.

V also makes me think of volunteering – we have so many amazing people that have done and continue to do so much for the PRS. Without their efforts, we would not have a club at all. I would like to spotlight one of our members each month who has been a volunteer. Please send me an email with your own volunteer experiences at PRS and be included in the fun. Volunteering – like flowers – can bring a lot of fun and joy into your life and can help you meet and connect with many new people. If you haven’t yet taken a position, please consider it – all roles, no matter how large and how small, are critical to any organization. Hope to see everyone at our Membership Meeting this month.

We are also planning some open garden days, so if you have something in your garden you would like to share with our members, then let us know and we can have an impromptu open garden day to share it. We already have several gardens signed up, including one with over 1,600 tulips! Stay tuned for more details to come.

Karen Flores