June 2022 – President’s Message

by Patti Spezzaferro

“Flowers are the beautiful hieroglyphics 
with which she indicates how much she loves us. “
Johannah Wolfgang von Goethe

June is National Rose Month, and it was first introduced in June of 1959. Some three decades later, in 1986, President Ronald Reagan officially made the rose the national flower of the United States of America, saying: “More often than any other flower, we hold the rose dear as the symbol of life, love, and devotion, beauty and eternity.”  

With this in mind, the Peninsula Rose Society will supply local libraries with a fresh floral arrangement each week to celebrate Rose Month. Here are some helpful tips on creating the perfect bouquet. Firstly, always trim your stems at an angle. This recommendation creates the maximum surface area for water absorption and will not let the stem sit flat against the bottom of the vase blocking water from absorbing into the stem.

 Secondly, remove any foliage below the level of the vase since it causes bacteria growth which will cause your flowers to die more quickly. Thirdly, use a clean vase and refresh the water daily with flower food. Next, use seasonal flowers with unexpected elements such as pomegranates, artichokes, and blueberry branches.  And lastly, be strategic in layering your elements. Start by creating a base with greenery, adding focal points, and filling in with your remaining ingredients. 

Floral arrangements can be fun and a treat to give and receive. If you would like to provide our local libraries with beautiful floral arrangements, contact Judy Webster and she will let you know which libraries and times are available. Wishing you an excellent June, and don’t forget to smell the roses.