September 2023 – President’s Message

Well, here it is September.  Can you believe it? By the end of this month, we will notice our roses making the seasonal change.   In early fall many of our rose varieties will give us another strong bloom while some varieties are already slowing down.  We do have one more member meeting rose show this month.  So stay on the lookout for a few more special late-season blooms and bring them to the meeting.  For those of you new to showing roses, we have members at our meeting that will help you prep and display your roses for the show.  We also have bottles available for your use.  So if you haven’t shown roses before, please give it a try!  

Jolene Adams will be our guest speaker at our membership and meeting.  Her topic will be climbing roses. I always need help with training climbers.  Climbers are like a pet, if you don’t train them they get out of hand and can take over your garden.

Last month we were at the Kiwanis Farmers Market in downtown Redwood City, on August 5th and 26th. We always have such a good turnout talking with visitors about their rose gardens, and meeting other vendors that are selling delicious fruits, vegetables, and gourmet foods.   The Kiwanis Club does a great job in bringing the vendors together and sharing their services and products. I also would like to thank Doug Brees, Carol Wong, Stu Dalton, Jenny Tsao, and Marianne Villanueva for helping with our booth last month. I will continue to send emails to those of you, on the farmers market list, as to when we will be there in September.

This coming week, Scott Morton and I will be meeting with the Redwood City Parks department on setting up a schedule of a maintenance routine for the rose garden located at Red Morton Park. So stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to volunteer at helping beautify this lovely rose garden.  This partnership will provide you with guided hands-on experience in deadheading, pruning, and soil care.  I will keep you posted for another volunteer opportunity.

In closing, I want to emphasize the importance of “you”.  Many of our board and committee volunteers continue to work at keeping our organization filled with exciting programs of learning experiences and opportunities.  New ideas and revitalized energy help make our club interesting and fun.  We are just like roses.  We don’t need a lot of attention but we do need care. I will be sending you a letter, yes an actual letter, asking for your help and ideas on ways you can engage with our society.  Emails are a great way to communicate but I still like receiving a personal letter in the mail.  I find that I ponder over it more than I do an electronic message. So please respond to me, in some way, when you get my “letter”.   Thank you everyone for being an active member of the Peninsula Rose Society. 

Our next membership meeting will be on Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 6:30pm.  So please mark your calendars. 

Judy Webster